Frequently Asked Question

Job Seekers

Posting Jobs


Job Seekers

How do I register as a job seeker?

Registration is free of charge and to register please click here, select job seeker and create an account with us.


How do I upload my C.V. (resume) and experience as a job seeker?

Once you have created an account with us as a job seeker you need to fill in the profile page, resume page and work experience page.


How do I apply for jobs?

Some jobs are linked to external websites and some jobs requires to apply directly through our website. To be able to apply directly from our website you must have an account with us and uploaded your profile and resume. Please Note: you must select the right category for work experience. For Example if you are a Pilot you select pilot information, if you are a flight attendant you click on update flight attendant experience.  Click here to view!


Will I get a confirmation number when applying for job?

No, Once you apply inside our website all your information (Profile, Experience, Resume) will be send to employer.

Posting Jobs

Is it free to post a job?

Yes, as long as it's related to aviation.


How do I post a job?

Please visit this page


How do I delete or edit a job?

Please visit this page


How can I access aplicants resume / C.V.?

Once you have posted a job and received applications, an e-mail will be send to your e-mail account. Also by login in to your account and clicking resume received on top right (applicants) you will have access to all applications.


How do I susbcribe to an airline interview preparation and how long is it valid for?

First you must create an account with us (job seeker). Then go to this page: Click Here and choose the correct airline and proceed with the payment. The duration depends on the subscription plan you choose.


I paid $29,95 for an interview preparation course, will the system recharge my credit card every 30 days?

No, the airline interview preparation will not recharge your credit card after 30 days.


I just subscribed to one of the airline interviews but can't access it. I get error 404?

You must have registered as Employer (recruiter) that is the reason you can't access. Please contact us and we will solve the problem


How do I cancel my recurring subscription?

Login to your account and select subscription (paid subscription). You will see a link displayed Cancel Subscription. Once you click on that it will cancel your subscription. Please Note: You can also cancel your subscription through paypal. Click here for more info.


How do I subscribe to Compass or pilot aptitude test?

First you must create an account with us (job seeker). Then you must select which subscription plan you are interested in and proceed with the payment.


Will I be receiving books, CD's or any study material to my address after my transaction?

No, this is an online course and to access your interview gouge you must login with your e-mail and password.