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If you don't have a joystick connected to your computer, click the skip button.


Flying Through Boxes Test


The purpose of this test is to measure your hand, eye coordination and spatial awareness. Your goal is to fly through the approaching rectangular boxes.

To fly through a rectangular box you must make sure that the position of the direction indicator matches the position of the rectangular box when they are about the same size on the screen.


There are two ways to control the aircraft:

A Arrows on the keyboard B Joystick (strongly recommended)

If you connect or disconnect any of the gamepad devices, it is recommended to restart the browser so that the test would work properly.


Scores are based on your performance.


This test is compatible with PC, mobile and tablets.

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Turn your device to left side and press the Blue "Calibrate" button.



Hold your device in potrait mode, horizontal position and keep the angle you want to play the test.

Move the red slide Left or Right until you get 0 value above.


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