Triangle Test


This test measures your concentration level and your ability to obey simple rules in a timely context.


A triangle has 3 features in this test.

First feature, the triangle direction which can point up, down, right or left.

Second feature, the number of dots in a triangle (0 to 4 dots).

Third feature, the colour of the triangle which can be yellow, red, blue or green.

Each triangle is made of a combination of these 3 features .

Before the triangles are presented you have to memorize two processing rules. You will be given instruction to press the up or down button depending on whether the direction or color or number of dots of the present triangle is the same that the former one. For the first triangle of a serie, press the right button.


The software introduces the following identification criteria:

1. Click on the button above the triangle if it maintains the colour of its predecessor.

2. Click the button below the triangle if it contains the same number of dots as its predecessor.

The sequence is launched now:


Each level is time limited. Easy level consist of 20, Medium 30 and Hard 40 triangles to answer.


Scoring is based on your performance.


This test is compatible with PC, mobile and tablets.

Memorize the rules!

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