Perceptual Speed Test


This test assesses your abilities in the field of perceptual speed. You must select and read off visual informations that are displayed only a few seconds.


For a rather short period of time a panel of nine instruments is displayed, out of which you will have to identify the 'critital' ones and read them off in a specific order. The instruments differ in shape and colour. They are black or white and either round or square. Prior to each presentation of an instrument panel you will receives an information, which attributes characterizes an instrument as 'critical'. Possible attributes are: SQUARE SHAPE, ROUND SHAPE, WHITE COLOR, BLACK COLOR. During the short period of presentation you must read off all 'critical' instruments and memorize the indicated values. The scale of the instument always range from 1 to 8 and are arranged increasing clockwise.

The reading of the 'critical' instruments must be conducted by the line from left to right beginning with the top line. After the presentation you will be asked to enter the memorized values in this order.


The test will announce the crucial design attribute first.

You have to regard square instruments only in this example.

Up next a panel of nine dial instruments is shown for a very limited time.

Instruments 6, 7, 8, and 9 share the design attribute "square" and are considered crucial in this example - copy their readings from left to right starting in the top row.

Enter the readings of the crucial instruments in applicable order. The correct sequence of copied readings is: 4, 1, 6, 7.


Each level consist of 20 tasks


Scoring is based on your performance.


This test is compatible with PC, mobile and tablets.

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