How to write a Cover Letter for Pilots


Cover Letter should be accompanied by your CV. This is your opportunity to get the recruiter's attention. Therefore, it is important that you have a professional Cover Letter. Usually, recruiters don't spend more than 15-30 seconds to review it. So, make sure you put yourself into the spotlight in the best possible way.



1. The Header
This section should be similar to the one in your Curriculum Vitae, as mentioned earlier.


2. Address of The Company
Here you should write down the address of the company you are applying to. This can easily be found by searching the companies website and find out where the headquarter is located

3. Date
Start by writing the month in letters. Don't use any digits, because some countries start with the date of the month at the beginning. Finish it with the date and the year in digits.

4. To Whom It May Concern

Find out who the recruiter or the Chief Pilot is. If you don't know, then call the company and ask them. This will make a good impression on the recruiter or the Chief Pilot. If you are unable to find the specific name, then you can write "to whom it may concern" or “Dear sir, madam,”. This is the most respectful way to begin a letter if you do not know the exact name of the person you are addressing.


5. The Sentence
Inform the recruiter why you believe that you are the perfect candidate for the job. Let them know how your knowledge and experience will meet their expectations. If you are not sure on what to include, think about some of the talents and experience you may bring to the company, and write it a way that highlights your knowledge about the company. This is the perfect time to promote yourself and convince them that you are the most suited candidate for the job.


6. The Ending
Finish the cover Letter as you would any formal letter. Don't forget to sign you Cover Letter at the bottom of the page.



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