We want to provide an update for the China Aviation market.

Even though the domestic aviation market in China is returning to normal (2019) levels, the international market remains extremely weak.  Most airlines in China are using their local (Chinese) pilots to fly their domestic routes.

Most of the airlines in China are using the pandemic as an opportunity to remove their expat plans including both compensation and work schedules.  At these airlines, all foreign pilots are being asked to join the "local pilot" compensation and work schedules.

At this point, there are only two A320 airlines that still have real expatriate programs (compensation and work schedules) for its foreign pilots.

Those two airlines are Loong Air and Sichuan Airlines.  At this point there are waiting lists for both Loong Air and Sichuan Airlines, but if you are interested in working in Asia Loong and Sichuan are the only choices.

We recommend that you apply now.  

Minimum requirements:

   A320 PIC Hours - 1,000 or more

   Total Hours; 3,000

   Age Limits:

   Loong Airlines: Under 52

   Sichuan Airlines: Under 56

Please respond to this posting or contact me directly at cbarcena@vorholdings.com.

Cristina Barcena

Manager of Recruiting

VOR Holdings