Loong Airlines has resumed recruiting for 2020.  The airline suspended hiring during the second have to 2019 to allow time to get the pilots onboard that they hired during the first part of 2019.  We have immediate positions available for 28 Airbus A320 Captains with Loong Airlines based in beautiful Hangzhou, China.  These positions will fill early in the year.   Loong Airlines has a fleet of 28 A320-200 aircraft and 10 A320neo aircraft.

Hangzhou is very western with excelled schools, shopping, healthcare, etc. Hangzhou is one of China's main tourist attractions. 

Earn (net amount received by pilot) up to $25,833 USD per month. (Over $310,000 USD per year after the airline pays the taxes in China!) 

Loong Airlines will also accept Boeing B737 Captains to participate in an A320 NTR program.
Four work options include: 
    A. Resident 45 days annual leave
    B. 6 weeks ON, 2 week OFF plus 14 days annual leave
    C. 6 weeks ON, 3 weeks OFF
    D. 4 weeks ON, 4 weeks OFF 

Requirements: 1,000 hours PIC in type, 3,000 hours total time, age under 57 years old with CAAC ATPL or under 52 without CAAC ATPL and current on the A320 within the preceding 12 months. 

Contract term: 3 years (renewable) 

Cristina Barcena
Manager of Recruiting