JuneYao Airlines has an NTR program for Airbus and Boeing Captains to move to the A320:
A320 NTR Program Requirements:
Current on A330 or A340
A320 Direct Entry Captains also welcome for immediate positions
The positions will be based in Shanghai
Fast onboard time.  The airline will prepay interview flight tickets with all activities in Shanghai for convenience.

Compensation (net amount received by pilot):

If you are between 30 and 53 and have at least 600 hours PIC in the A320, A330 or A340 please send me the following information to schedule your interview:

Name:  _____________________

Phone Number:   _____________
          (include country code)

A320 PIC Hours:  _________

A330 PIC Hours:  _________

A340 PIC Hours:  _________
Respond to this posting or contact me at recruit@vorholdings.com to schedule your interview


Cristina Barcena
Manager of Recruiting