Our King Air SIC positions require 500 hrs total time and 50 hrs multi.  Much more than that though, we are looking for those pilots who know how to provide that certain level of aviation experience high net worth individuals are accustomed to receiving.  Our pilots are the face of the Silverhawk Aviation brand—and we place a high value on their relational ability to “win friends and influence people”.


What’s it like at Silverhawk Aviation?


Principal Duties and Responsibilities 

The Second-in-Command reports to the Pilot-in Command, and performs duties assigned by the PIC.

The Second-in-Command (SIC) is typically assigned to preflight the airplane, accomplish preflight cockpit checks, and obtain clearance. The First Officer will stock the galley with coffee and ice and check for proper amounts of other supplies. Additionally, the cabin should be checked for appearance. Time permitting, the Captain will work with the First Officer to prepare the airplane.

The First Officer will ensure the airplane is free of trash, seat belts are arranged, charts are stored, coffee and ice are emptied and supplies are restocked at the termination of each flight. A minimum inventory of supplies for each aircraft is posted inside the supply locker.

Each crewmember will maintain and monitor his/her flight-time and duty-time to ensure compliance and proper qualification specified by CFR § 135 and Silverhawk Aviation Operations Manual.