Etihad Airways Pilot assessment is a three day selection process that consist of:

1 - Pilot compass tests
2 - Technical Exam
3 - Simulator Assessment
4 - Panel Interview (Human Resource Questions)



Etihad Airways Pilot Interview Gouge was last updated on 22 February, 2024

The information on this page has been submitted to us by pilots attending Etihad Airways pilot interview and sharing their experience with us. The content on this page should only be used for preparation purposes.


1 - Pilot compass tests

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Short Term Memory

Both short-term memory and tolerance for stress will be assessed in this simulation. You will constantly be confronted with new information about altitude, heading, airspeed and radio frequencies and asked to memorize and reproduce this information.

Short Term Memory features 3 different levels (easy, medium and hard). Each level has time-limited rounds in which you have to memorize the information and answer each question correctly. At the end of the test, a score will be calculated.

Spatial Awareness

This is a test to assess your spatial awareness and ability to read instruments. In other words, you need to understand the aircraft's attitude and position in physical space. You will be asked to pick the correct aircraft on the basis of the readings on the cockpit instruments.

The Spatial Awareness test features a practice section with 20 questions, each with a detailed explanation of the answer. The test section features 3 different levels (easy, medium and hard). Each level will have a 10 random, time-limited questions and a exact score will be calculated afterwards.


This test measures your multitasking skills. You will constantly be receiving information (digits) and you will be asked to enter them in the primary flight display by using the arrows and numbers on your keyboard. At the same time, alert signs will be displayed that need to be eliminated.

The Multitasking test features 3 different levels (easy, medium and hard). Each level is time limited. At the end of the test, a score will be calculated based on how accurately you entered the numbers in the primary flight display and eliminated the alert signs.

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Advanced Flight Control

This test measures your psycho-motor and multi tasking skills. Test takers must adjust airspeed, heading, altitude and slip ball coordinator simultaneously to maintain the given target values.

The Advanced Flight Control has a 5 minute time limit. A score, based on your performance will be given in percentages. For optimum results, we recommend the use of a joystick and rudder pedals for this test.

Personality Test

It is almost impossible to prepare for such tests. Best way to answer these questions is to BE YOURSELF and BE HONEST!

Before you answer a personality questionnaire, find out about the organization and decide whether you like its culture and it’s the kind of place you will thrive in. If it is, then apply confident in that knowledge, take time over each question and answer it in a way that shows you as the ideal candidate for the role and company.

Three different type of personality test will be given during the assessment with Emirates

- Few sample questions below for personality test

- Which statements best describes you? (leader, selfish, friendly, etc, etc)

- Would you rather (example: clean a room or work within a group)


2 - Technical Exam

General Knowledge Test

General knowledge test consist of ATPL questions (50 questions, 45 min).

What does the abbreviation DER means?
Answer: Departure end of runway

Why are Flight Level intervals increased to 2000 ft in non RVSM airspace?
Answer: Because of altimeter errors (lower air density). Reduced vertical RVSM to 1000ft separation above FL290 is granted to aircraft with advanced and more accurate altimeters, usually crowded routes (Trans Atlantic Routes).

What are the two types of taxiway lightning systems?
Answer: 1) One line of green taxiway centreline lights. 2) Two lines of blue taxiway edge lights.

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3 - Simulator Assessment

Simulator Assessment

Non Rated Pilots
The non-type rated sim is a normal takeoff with autopilot engaged at 1000ft...intercept,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Type Rated Pilots
A visual approach and you will be asked to go around . About 100 feet off the ground ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Approach Plates will be provided


4 - Panel Interview (Human Resource Questions)

Panel Interview Questions

The interview will usually last no longer than one hour. Generally, the panel includes one person from recruitment and a manager. We have created a question bank based on the questions we have received from candidate’s attending the assessment and sharing their experience with us. The questions are split into two sections. Human Resource type questions and flying based questions. Few examples below:

• Tell us about yourself?
• Why do you want to work for us? Any time a Captain / First Officer didn't agree with you?



Discussion Board

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