Flybe Pilot Interview & Assessment!Assessm

Picture Flybe pilot interview consist of:

(1) Human Resource  / Technical Questions

(2) Simulator Assessment



Flybe pilot interview was last updated on 23 October, 2015




The information on this website has been submitted to us by candidates attending Flybe pilot Selection and sharing their experience with us. The information on this page should only be used for preparation purposes.



1 - Human Resource / Technical Questions


Interview Questions:


We have created a question bank based on the questions we have received from candidate’s attending the assessment and sharing their experience with us. The questions are split into two sections. Competency based questions and Technical based questions. Few examples below:


  • Tell me about a time when someone didn't agree with you?
  • What is the critical engine on the Q400?
  • How would a Captain annoy you?


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2 - Simulator Assessment


Simulator Assessment:


Click on the red text to open approach plates


The assessment takes place on the full motion Q400 simulator. Origin and destination is Birmingham (EGBB). Normal Take Off from RWY 33, expect DAVENTRY 5D Departure,,,,,,,,, Subscribe to see the remaining simulator scenarios  


Approach Plates will be provided



Discusssion Board


Discussion Baord:


Our discussion board is a great way to get advice, find information, and meet other community members who share your interest and passion.


Here you have the chance to ask questions and find valuable information about Flybe pilot selection. Candidates that have passed the selection will share their interview experience with you.


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