Hong Kong Express Pilot Interview & Assessment!

Hong Kong Express

Hong Kong Express Pilot Interview consist of:

(1) Company Presentation
(2) Aptitude tests (Cut-e)
(3) Personal Interview
(4) Simulator Assessment


Hong Kong Express pilot selection was last updated on 04 January, 2024

The information on this website has been submitted to us by candidates attending Hong Kong Express pilot Selection and sharing their experience with us. The information on this page should only be used for preparation purposes.


1 - Company Presentation

Company Presentation

The chief pilot started by doing personal presentations of each one of the candidates and after that explained several things about the company (vacations, salary, training and etc). After that every,,, subscribe to see the remaining presentation.


2 - Aptitude tests (Cut-e)

Monitoring Test

In this test you are presented with moving objects in different directions, your goal is to identify the number of these.

The monitoring test features a practice section. The test section features 3 different levels (easy, medium and hard). Each level will consist of 14 random, time-limited questions with answers.

Spatial Orientation

This is a test to assess your spatial awareness and ability to read instruments. In other words, you need to understand the aircraft's attitude and position in physical space. You will be asked to pick the correct aircraft on the basis of the readings on the cockpit instruments

The Orientation test features a practice section with a detailed explanation of the answer. The test section features 3 different levels (easy, medium and hard). Each level will have a 10 random, time-limited questions and a exact score will be calculated afterwards.

Complex control

In this test you are piloting a missile through a large tunnel. Your goal is to fly through the openings of each obstacle. If you miss an opening you will cause a collision and your flight will pause for a short moment. You more openings you pass through the faster the missile will become. You can manually adjust the speed of your flight.

This test features a practice section and a test section. The test section features 3 different levels (easy, medium and hard). A score will be presented at the end of the test.

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A test that measures your multitasking skills.

You will be doing three things at the same time. First you must align the runwnay to the approaching aircraft. Second, you must answer the math questions on top right screen. Third, you must check the letters if they are correct or incorrect.

We have created a software that will simulate and prepare you for the test.

English Test

This English test measures your grammar, spelling and understanding of certain words. The test is divided into three categories..

During this test you will have 10 minutes to answer 20 questions. The questions you have to answer are fill in the gap, find the correct synonyms and be able to identify the correct spelling on certain words.

Personality Test

It is impossible to prepare for such tests. Best way to answer these questions is to BE YOURSELF and BE HONEST!

Before you answer a personality questionnaire, find out about the organization and decide whether you like its culture and it’s the kind of place you will thrive in. If it is, then apply confident in that knowledge, take time over each question and answer it in a way that shows you as the ideal candidate for the role and company.


3 - Personal Interview

Personal Interview

We have created a question bank based on the questions we have received from candidate’s attending the assessment and sharing their experience with us. Most of the questions are Competency based questions. Few examples below:

• Tell me about a time when someone didn't agree with you?
• How would a copilot or Captain annoy you?

Please Note: We will try to guide you how to answer some of HR questions.


4 - Simulator Assessment

Simulator Assessment

Simulator used was A320. A normal takeoff from RWY 25L Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH). No flight director in use. Climb RWY heading to 5000 feet and level off. Then you will do some general handling such as climb, descent and steep turns. Then the instructor might tell you to track,,,,, Subscribe to see the remaining simulator scenario.

Approach Plates will be provided.


Discussion Board

Discussion Baord: