Air Baltic pilot Interview question gouge!


Air Baltic pilot interview consist of:

  1. Online Test
  2. Psychometric test (Personality test)
  3. Simulator Assessment
  4. Human Resource Questions / IQ Questions

Air Baltic Pilot Interview was last updated 29 September, 2023


1 - Online Test

Air Baltic Online Test

This test measures your verbal, non verbal and numeric reasoning.

Test takers have 40 minutes to answer 49 questions.

Free version

2 - Psychometric test (Personality test)

Personality Test:

It is almost impossible to prepare for personality test. Best way to answer these questions is to BE YOURSELF and BE HONEST!

Before you answer a personality questionnaire, find out about the organisation and decide whether you like its culture and it’s the kind of place you will thrive in. If it is, then apply confident in that knowledge, take time over each question and answer it in a way that shows you as the ideal candidate for the role and company.

Few sample questions below for personality test
Which statements best describes you? (leader, selfish, friendly, etc, etc)
Would you rather (example: clean a room or work within a group)


3 - Simulator Assessment

Simulator Assessment:

Simulator sessions at Air Baltic varies depending on the applicants Experience. Non rated pilots usually takeoff and practice some general handling such as, steep turns, climb/descent, maintaining speed and altitude. Radial tracking, NDB tracking (QDR, QDM) fallowed by an ILS approach.

Type rated pilots on B-737 might expect a departure out of Riga RWY 36/18 fallowed by a,,,, Subscribe to see the remaining simulator scenario.


4 - Human Resource Questions / IQ Questions

Human Resource Questions:

This part consist of HR questions. Few examples below:


Discussion Board

Discussion Baord: