Turkish Airlines (THY) pilot Interview!


Turkish Airlines Pilot Assessment Consist Of:

  1. HTA (Group Exercise)
  2. Interview with Psychologist
  3. English Test
  4. Documentation Check
  5. Simulator Assessment
  6. Personal Interview

Turkish Airlines Pilot Interview Interview Preparation was last updated on 30 July, 2019

The information on this website has been submitted to us by candidates attending Turkish Airlines pilot assessments and sharing their experience with us. The content on this page should only be used for preparation purposes.

(1) HTA Group Exercise

Group Exercise:

A group exercise is an assessed discussion exercise that involves a small group of candidates (usually 8-10 people), the following group exercises has been submitted to us:


(2) Interview With Psychologist

Interview with Psychologist:

Psychological tests are becoming an increasingly popular way for companies to screen candidates for potential jobs. During your interview you will be asked questions by a psychologist. Questions will be like:

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(3) English Test

Aviation English:

The aviation English test will test your ability to listen for basic conversation between Air Traffic Control (ATC) and flight crew. The test also include weather information and aviation broadcast that is common in daily aviation. During the test, you will hear an audio message. Then, following each audio, you will see a number of questions about what you just heard.

The Aviation English test feature a time limited test section. Each round will have 10 random, audio messages to listen to and a exact score will be calculated afterwards.


(4) Documentation Check

Documentation Check:

In the documentation check you will be waiting in the designated room. They will take photos of you and take copies of your certificates and all important documents. They will also ask you to fill in what seems to be the full THY application form. You will be asked to move to a smaller room filled with 3 HR people all flicking through your details and application form. One or two of them will ask about your flying details to date and career history (this isn’t an interview) it’s just to make sure that your not lying It lasts for about 5 – 10 minutes and is the easiest part of the process.


(5) Simulator Assessment

Simulator Assessment:

Simulator Scenario 1: (Click on the red text inside each sim scenario to open approach plates)

Attended the interview on September 2013 as a First Officer, Sim used was Airbus 320. It was a normal takeoff from LTAC (Ankara) RWY 03R. Then I had to do some general handling such as Steep turns, climb and descent without the flight director (very simple). Then vectors back for ILS RWY 03R and land (Raw data). The second takeoff you will get an engine failure at V1, for me it was number 2 engine. Radar vectors back for ILS RWY 03R and land full stop. All manually flewn and no flight director.

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(6) Personal Interview

Personal Interview:

We have created a question bank based on the questions we have received from candidate’s attending the assessment and sharing their experience with us.



Please Note: Since most of these questions are based on your past experience no answers will be provided.


Discussion Board

Discussion Baord:

Our discussion board is a great way to get advice, find information, and meet other community members who share your interest and passion.

Here you have the chance to ask questions and find valuable information about Gulf air pilot selection.


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