CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Pilot Interview Preparation!

This preparation consist of:

  1. Group Exercises
  2. Personal Interview
  3. Pilot Aptitude Test
  4. Technical Test (Physics)
  5. Personality Test
  6. Math Test - Numerical Reasoning
  7. Simulator Assessment
  8. Debrief & Feedback

This interview preparation was last updated on 16 February, 2021

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(1) Group Exercises

Group Exercise:

A group exercise is an assessed discussion exercise that involves a small group of candidates (usually 8-10 people), following a question posed by a member of a firm’s recruitment team.

Few Examples Below:

  • Build a bridge to support a glass of water
  • You are on a ship and it is sinking and you are 1000 miles away from land and there are 25 objects and you must pick only 15 that you will take.

(2) Personal Interview

Interview Questions

We have created a question bank based on the questions we have received from candidate’s attending the assessment and sharing their experience with us. During this part of the assessment candidates are interviewed individually for about 30 minutes. Few examples below:

  • What do you think are the important qualities of an airline pilot?
  • What will you do if you're not successful on this application?
  • Please give an example of an important objective you accomplished.

Question bank features 30 questions.

Please Note: We will guide you how to answer these questions!

(3) Pilot Aptitude Test

English Word Test

This test assess your english skills. For example, "Which group of letters can be reordered to spell the word gear?" On the screen you will then see 3 groups of jumbled up letters - e.g. arqe, rgae, eeager. Only one of these can be re-arranged to correctly spell the word gear..

This test features a practice sectin and test section. the test section consist of easy, medium and hard level. Scores will be calculated based on your performance.

Working Memory Test

Both short-term memory and tolerance for stress will be assessed in this simulation. You will constantly be confronted with new information and images and asked to memorise and reproduce this information.

Working Memory features 3 different levels (easy, medium and hard). Each level has time-limited rounds in which you have to memorise the information and answer each question correctly. At the end of the test, a score will be calculated.

Free Version >>

Red Dot Test

The purpose of this test is to measure your hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. The goal is to keep the red dot centered. The dot itself will constantly be changing direction, so you should always be anticipating the next movement.

Red Do Test features 3 different levels (easy, medium and hard). Each level has a time limit. At the end of the test, a score will be provided based on your accuracy in the airplane on track.

Flight Test

This test measures your psychomotor and multitasking skills. You will be flying an airplane by either using a joystick or computer keyboard keys. While flying the airplane you have to solve math, IQ, Verbal and numerical questions. You also need to pay attention to Air Traffic Control instructions and maintain an accurate spatial orientation.

The Flight Test consist of 20 minutes. Scoring will be based on how accurate you navigate and answer the questions during flight.

Advanced Flight Simulator

Advanced Flight Simulator assesses various pilot aptitudes, ranging from hand-eye coordination and situational awareness to cognitive abilities, multi-tasking and stress tolerance..

This test consist of 15 minutes and is divided into three rounds. Scoring will be based on how accurate you navigate and answer the questions during flight.

(4) Technical Test (Physics)

Physics Test

This test measures your grasp on the natural sciences in general, and the concepts of motion, space, time, energy and force in particular. It consists of two software modules: a practice module, comprising 90 questions and their answers, and the actual test module.

The physics test features a practice section with over 100 questions, each with a detailed explanation of the answer. The test itself consists of 15 random, time-limited questions. A PDF file with all the important formulas to memorize will be provided.

(5) Personality Test

Personality Test

It is almost impossible to prepare for personality test. Best way to answer these questions is to BE YOURSELF and BE HONEST!

Before you answer a personality questionnaire, find out about the organization and decide whether you like its culture and it’s the kind of place you will thrive in. If it is, then apply confident in that knowledge, take time over each question and answer it in a way that shows you as the ideal candidate for the role and company.

  • Few sample questions below for personality test
  • Which statements best describes you? (leader, selfish, friendly, etc, etc)
  • Would you rather (example: clean a room or work within a group)

(6) Math Test - Numerical Reasoning

Math Test

This basic test in applied mathematics screens your understanding of the basics: multiplication, division, subtraction as well as speed, distance and time calculations. By taking this test, you can assess your mathematical skills according to the very same standards used in the industry and be thoroughly prepared when applying for a job in aviation.

The math test features a practice section with over 100 questions, each with a detailed explanation of the answer. The test section itself consists of 24 random, time-limited questions with answers.

(7) Simulator Assessment

Simulator Assessment

The sim check does not require any previous flying experience and is designed to show whether candidates have the capacity to absorb guidance and improve on their performance. During the simulator assessment candidates are asked,,,,, Subscribe to see the remaining simulator scenario.

(8) Debrief & Feedback

The final stage is a comprehensive individual debrief of the overall assessment process.

Discusssion Board

Discussion Baord:

Our discussion board is a great way to get advice, find information, and meet other community members who share your interest and passion.

Through this section you have the chance to ask questions and find valuable information about Oxford Aviation Academy pilot selection. Candidates that have passed the selection will share their interview experience with you.

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