Eva Air Pilot Interview Preparation!


Eva Air Pilot assessment consist of:

  1. Technical Questions (ATPL Questions)
  2. Simulator Assessment
  3. Human Resource Questions
  4. Medical Exam

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(1) Technical Questions

Tech Questions

During your assessment you will get 50 ATPL questions. Few questions below:

Lift Formula is?
Answer: L = (1/2) d v2 s CL

1st Segments stops at?
Answer: Landing gear is fully retracted with flaps in the takeoff setting

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(2) Simulator Assessment

Simulator Assessment

Eva Airways Sim Assessment

You will either fly Boeing 767-300, B747-400 or MD-11 simulator during your assessment. The simulator assessment consist of a normal take off, usually from runway 05L Taipei. You will either get Houlong 4 departure or,,,Subscribe to see the remaining questions with answers submitted to us.


(3) Human Resource Questions

Human Resource

This part contains all human resource questions asked during your interview.


(4) Medical Exam

Medical Examination

The medical is the standard blood pressure, urin test, vision test, hearing test etc.


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