Saudi Arabian Airlines Pilot Interview Gouge!    Saudi Arabian interview preparation pilot assessment


Saudi Arabian pilot interview consist of:

1 - Written test (ATPL Questions)  

2 - Panel Interview with Chief Pilot and HR chief
3 - Aptitude Test (Basic Physics and Math)

4 - Simulator Assessment

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Saudi Arabian Pilot Interview was last updated on 16 November, 2016
The information on this website has been submitted to us by candidates attending Saudi Arabian Pilot Interview and sharing their experience with us. The content on this page should only be used for preparation purposes.



Written Test (1)


Written Test:


During your interview you will get 50 ATPL questions, very similar to the FAA ATP (few examples below).


What produces maximum glide range?

Answer: A maximum lift - drag ratio obtained by the aircraft being flown at its optimal angle of attack and corresponding minimum drag speed (VIMD).


What is Angle of Attack?

Answer: Angle of attack is the angle between the chord line of an aerofoil and the relative airflow.


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Panel Interview with Chief Pilot and Human Resources (2)


Interview Questions:


We have created a list of questions based on the feedback we have received from candidate’s attending the assessment and sharing their experience with us. The panel interview consist of human resource questions and some technical (aviation) questions. Few examples below:


  • Tell me about a time when someone didn't agree with you?
  • Tell us about your aviation background?
  • Why Saudi Airlines?
  • Name the V speeds in order they come?


Question bank features 30 questions.



Aptitude Test - Math (3)


Math Test:


This basic test in applied mathematics screens your understanding of the basics: multiplication, division, subtraction as well as speed, distance and time calculations. By taking this test, you can assess your mathematical skills according to the very same standards used in the industry and be thoroughly prepared when applying for a job in aviation.


The math test features a practice section with over 100 questions, each with a detailed explanation of the answer. The test section itself consists of 24 random, time-limited questions with answers.



Aptitude Test - Physics (3)


Physics Test:


This test measures your grasp on the natural sciences in general, and the concepts of motion, space, time, energy and force in particular. It consists of two software modules: a practice module, comprising 100 questions and their answers, and the actual test module.


The physics test features a practice section with over 100 questions, each with a detailed explanation of the answer. The test itself consists of 15 random, time-limited questions. A PDF file with all the important  formulas to memorize will be provided.




Simulator Assesssment (4)


Simulator Assessment:

It started with a lot of FMC work (under pressure). Normal Takeoff then basic flying skills such as turn, descent, climbs,,,,,,, Subscribe to see the remaining simulator assessment.

Discusssion Board


Discussion Baord:


Our discussion board is a great way to get advice, find information, and meet other community members who share your interest and passion.


Here you have the chance to ask questions and find valuable information about Saudi Arabian Airlines pilot selection. Candidates that have passed the selection will share their interview experience with you.


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