Cathay Pacific Pilot Interview Preparation


Initial A
- Computerized aptitude tests

Initial B (Upon passing initial A you are called back for Initial B)
- Technical multiple - choice Questionnaire (60mins)
- Interview with both Personal (HR) and Technical Questions (45mins)

Stage 2
- Abstract Reasoning (IQ) Test - (Raven Test)
- Personality / Psychometric test
- Group Exercise

Stage 3
- Simulator Assessment (For Advanced Entry and Transition Programme)


This Interview preparation was last updated on 11 June, 2019

This interview preparation can be used for both Direct Entry Pilots, Cadets and Advanced Entry (Second Officer) applicants!

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Initial A

Computerized Aptitude Tests

Reaction Test

This test measures your reaction speed, In this test you are presented with various objects. Each time the left and right object is a pair you need to respond by clicking the equal button or the spacebar key on your computer keyboard

This test features a practice section with over 100 questions. The test section itself consists of a 2 minute time limited test.


Monitoring Test

In this test you are presented with moving objects in different directions, your goal is to identify the number of these.

The monitoring test features a practice section. The test section features 3 different levels (easy, medium and hard). Each level will consist of 14 random, time-limited questions with answers.


Spatial Orientation

This is a test to assess your spatial awareness and ability to read instruments. In other words, you need to understand the aircraft's attitude and position in physical space. You will be asked to pick the correct aircraft on the basis of the readings on the cockpit instruments.

The Spatial Orientation test features a practice section with a detailed explanation of the answer. The test section features 3 different levels (easy, medium and hard). Each level will have a 10 random, time-limited questions and a exact score will be calculated afterwards.



A test that measures your multitasking skills.

You will be doing three things at the same time. First you must align the runway to the approaching aircraft. Second, you must answer the math questions on top right screen. Third, you must check the letters if they are correct or incorrect.

We have created a software that will simulate and prepare you for the online test.


Missile Test

In this test you are piloting a missile through a large tunnel. Your goal is to fly through the openings of each obstacle. If you miss an opening you will cause a collision and your flight will pause for a short moment. You more openings you pass through the faster the missile will become. You can manually adjust the speed of your flight.

This test features a practice section and a test section. The test section features 3 different levels (easy, medium and hard). A score will be presented at the end of the test.


Free version
Inductive Logical Thinking

This test measures logical thinking. You will be presented with several images and you need to find out which option should be ruled out.

This test features a practice section and a test section. Scores based on your performance will be presented at the end of the test.


Applied Numeracy

This basic test in applied mathematics screens your understanding of translation of units, the rule of three, a percentage calculation and calculation of areas and spaces. By taking this test, you can assess your mathematical skills according to the very same standards used in the industry and be thoroughly prepared when applying for a job in aviation.

The math test features a practice section with 20 questions, each with a detailed explanation of the answer. The test section itself consists of 16 random, time-limited questions with answers.


Free version

Initial B

Technical Multiplie Choice Questionnaire

Technical Questions


At what altitude does predictive wind shear work?
Answer: Windshear prediction is radar based and is available below 1500’ AGL

Indication of warm front approaching?
Answer: Generally, prior to the passage of a warm front, cirriform or stratiform clouds, along with fog, can be expected to form along the frontal boundary.

What happens to Mach number if you climb in a constant IAS?
Answer: Mach number increases

How many turbines in each stage of the engine? Compressors? (RB211 Engine)




Interview with both Personl (HR) and Technical Qustions

Interview Questions

- What does you wife think about Hong Kong?
- Where does Cathay fly in North America?
- What recent cargo aircraft acquisitions has Cathay Pacific made?
- Did Cathay make a profit last year? How Much?
- Tell us about Cathay pacific destinations?

Question bank features 70 questions.
Please Note: Since most of these questions are based on your past experience no answers will be provided.


Stage 2

Abstract Reasoning (IQ) Test

Abstract Reasoning (IQ) Test

Abstract reasoning involves the ability to understand and analyse visual information and solve problems using visual reasoning. You will be asked to identify relationships, similarities and differences between shapes and patterns, to recognise visual sequences and to remember relationships between objects.

The IQ Test features a practice section with 20 questions, each with a detailed visual explanation of the answer. The test section features 3 different levels (easy, medium and hard). Each level will have a 20 random, time-limited questions. At the end of the test, a score will be calculated to show each individual how many correct and wrong answers they got.


Psychometric / Personality Test

Personality Test

It is almost impossible to prepare for personality test. Best way to answer these questions is to BE YOURSELF and BE HONEST!

Before you answer a personality questionnaire, find out about the organization and decide whether you like its culture and it’s the kind of place you will thrive in. If it is, then apply confident in that knowledge, take time over each question and answer it in a way that shows you as the ideal candidate for the role and company.

Few sample questions below for personality test



Group Exercise

Group Exercise

A group exercise is an assessed discussion exercise that involves a small group of candidates (usually 8-10 people), following a question posed by a member of a firm’s recruitment team.

Group Exercise Stage 2
Your group will be given a scenario where you will have to come to a decision within a certain time-limit. The actual task has nothing to do with flying, the idea is to demonstrate that you are all able to work as a team.

Flight Planing (Group Exercise) stage 2
Subscribe to see samples of group exercises conducted during stage 2!


Stage 3

Simulator Assessment

Simulator Assessment

Sim 777-300ER is quite straight forward just memorise the briefing they send you and the instructors are very helpful and give you tips during the brief.


Discussion Board

Discussion Baord:

Our discussion board is a great way to get advice, find information, and meet other community members who share your interest and passion.

In this section you have the chance to ask questions and find valuable information about Cathay Pacific pilot selection. Candidates that have passed the selection will share their interview experience with you.


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