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Hi everyone, anyone going for interviews in early 2024. Please add your comment below. Let’s make a WhatsApp group to share information.
New technical exams
Database for exam is no longer valid they have a new test bank. Study Jepp and documents 8868/4444.
Assessment Jan
First day ATPL test: with trick 50 questions. Covers all ATPL subjects. such as: Ice, clouds, rwy cond, rwy dist (TORA/DA...), T.O. segments, ACN/PCN, all ILS Cat, Rvsm. Simulator: A320 for the Airbus TR/NTR guys and B787/777 for the Boeing NTR ...
Assemment 2024
1.day ATPL test 50 questions 45 min. Sim A320/ B777/ B787 Some of them Compact test 2. day Compass test. Interview. 3. Medical Half of the candidates failed. Good lack.
October Feedback
Day 1 Aviation knowledge test. You will have 45 minutes to complete 50 aeronautical questions. They are not hard, but you should be prepare to obtain a good score. Prepare your self-reading the Jeppesen General Document htps://ipilot.co.kr/wp-cont...
A320 rated FO feedback.
I had my 320 rated FO assessment. Written was 90% from Jeppesen manual. It was easy but it better to prepare. After that came the sims. It was OMAA-OMDW. In sims I was given, windshear after departure, engine failure at 5000 feet, then TCAS then HYD...