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NTR Low Hour Cadet level pilot
Is anyone invited for the assessment?
Interview feedback October (Captain)
The Process was pretty straight forward as laid down here in the website. First Day: There are two gentlemen who accompany you from the hotel to the sim centre. One of them was an AIRBUS PILOT and the other on the BOEING. They make you quite comfortab...
Feedback October
First day it started with sim assess , before sim the assessors talk about the company and brief you about the sim , then we interviewd indiviually , the Qus was about Limitation , sys , M.items my question was ( reason of stall, stall m.item , what k...
Interview Feedback August 2023
Hi I did the interview few days ago and it is exactly as described below taken from PPrune: I did the assessment recently. I’m not going to go into much detail as it’s unfair to the whole process and I feel everyone should have an equal playing gro...
NTR Captain Assesment
Hi has anyone done the assessment as NTR (Non Type Rated) Captain. Thanks
FO interview Feedback
I took part in the assessment in one of the recent events. As a first officer The Examiners were thorough professionals and made you feel at ease, having said that the standards they would want you to perform are high! Understandably so! The technical...