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Errors on the test
Anyone finding errors on the 3D shape, pair of scale tests? A lot apear to me
Eurowings BQ Assestment Hamburg 13/02
Hi everyone, just wondering if someone here around has some recent feedback about the BQ going on in Hamburg, can't find something recent on different forum pages. I'm going on the 13 in Hamburg and I'm studying on this website, if anyone else is going ...
Eurowings BQ Hamburg 18/03
Good morning to everyone, I have my basic qualification on 18/03 at Hamburg. I also have BQ with DHL but online. Do you think that studying from the same web page I can obtain good results. Thanks for your answers
Eurowings Sim Assesment + HR Interview
Good day to everyone! Does someone has a feedback about the simulator ( maybe the Seneca sim ideally ) assesment and / or the HR Interview ?
Math test
Are we allowed to use a calculator for the math word problems?
Next Eurowings BQ assesment date December 2023/ January2024
Hello guys! Does someobody have been invited for the Eurowings BQ assement in December 2023 or January 2024 ? I applied in November 2023 but I haven't got any response from Eurowings by now. Many thanks