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DEFO Feedback!
Below you find my simulator session, I will write a short description about it. Exercises are taxi, take off, climb, steep turns, intercept radial, ILS, GA, visual appr, landing - all raw data, AP off, ATHR off, no FD. These exercises are for both D...
Experienced FO interview
Day 1 Take a taxi for $15 each way to SIA training centre for 1130 on upper Changi road. At the gate you will swap your ID or passport for a security pass then ask for directions to Lobby C level 1 and wait. You may meet other cadets, DESO or...
Singapore DEFO interview
The interview process for both the FO and SO are same. 1st stage is video interview, there will be a panel of about 5 people asking you questions. It's straight forward. They will invite you to Singapore if you pass this stage at their own cost. 2nd s...
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