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Interview Feedback NTR FO A320 April 2023
Firstly, the interview is a two day affair. The first day you get there it is really more of a company introduction where you sit down and are spoken to about the job, the company, and a few, details ranging from salary, structure to allowances for moving...
Feedback Non Rated Captain (March 2024)
Firstly,the english test question bank is totally diffrent. You need to update it. Sim profile is Full manual take off and nadp 1 Steep turn following ils 07r raw data Runway not insight at min then go around following eng failure just righ...
multi tasking test module
Can we have multitasking module included on this HKE package. I was told by a friend of mine that there is this multitasking module in the selection process.
Very tricky on the simulator assessment.
The ILS raw data approach was not easy. They put me in the A330. The simulator was very old. There are two kinds of go-around decisions. This was quite tricky. One is the normal go-around without no visual reference at minimum. The other one i...
FO Interview Feedback August 2023
The people of HR was very king, first day the gave you a tablet for the sicometric test, same as LPJ page. Second day grupal interview, they ask about HKE history or othrer company data. then they call you one by one and the questions are the regular f...
Interview Feedback August 2023
DAY1: you do the aptitude test. Day 2 morning: Group discussion/interview: It is just a general idea or self briefing and your flying experience followed by personal interview. There was no technical. All questions are personal questions asking about our ...