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Wizzair FO NTR Pilot Assessment Budapest 26-27.04.2024
Hi all :) Are any of you going for an interview on 26-27.04.2024 with Wizzair for the position of FO NTR Cadet Pilot in Budapest ? If there is a group of people here, I would suggest creating a group on whatsapp and exchanging your experiences and learn...
Wizzair Abu dhabi
Good day Fellow pilots, Any news about Wizzair Abu dhabi assessment ? Any feedbacks will be highly appreciated. Also what is the waiting period since shortlisted till you get an assessment date? Thanks.
Non Type Rated FO feedback March 2024
It was mostly what has been said on that document but i will focus on what is different My friend has passed every phase and is waiting for the psychometric results They told him that there will be 6 months of waiting before being called to start the ty...
Interview 17th-18th March 2024
14 people After the company presentation, we had the group test first. We had to find the plane carrying crystals to Lisbon. Nothing much I can recommend just keep your pace and interact accordingly without overdoing it or keeping silent Few ATPL...
Hi, any DEC to Wizz UK in a hold pool- do you actually swim or do start date offers come immediately? and what is average take home during training?
WAPA Cadet Program
Forum for candidates for Wizz Airs Pilot Programme can share their experience with the assessment.