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online Interview
dears please anyone can help us and advise regarding the online interview ?
Hi I have question. According to interview preparation and review in here. 1. AI interview 2. Video interview(face to face) 3. Sim test I understand up to 3 steps, but when should I do IQ test, aptitude test ? I am curious when to do those i...
Hi guys! Is anybody going to participate assessment in Dubai 23-25 Sep 2023?
Type rated first officer process
Hi I have a few questions, I am type rated on the 737-300/400 and my process has been a little different from what Ive read online, first I had the online interview where you only answer 3 questions and record yourself, then they told me that they are goi...
Ms Team interview
Hello Can anybody share information about Team view Interview? Mine will be held on 20th of September with HR and Flight ops. I would be more than happy for any information and question which was asked?
MS teams interview in Dubai
Hello Everyone Would like to know if Ms teams interview happens again in Dubai for candidates appearing for 2nd time and already did that before?