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Assessment on 16-17 July
Hello, Anyone with the assessment on the 16-17 July that would like to connect?
Dubai Assessment on 15-16 July
Anyone here will be having their assessment in Dubai on 15-16 July. Was thinking of creating a WhatsApp group to connect.
Video Online Interview
I have a online interview coming up other than the HR question. What type of technical question are asked. Is it fleet related or is it general. It will be appreciated of i may get the exactly what i am expecting. Good Luck to All.
July 23-24 Assesment
Good day all. Anyone going to the assessments on 23-24 July? If yes, I’m creating a WhatsApp group. +27 72 489 8358. Regards KM
Accelerated Command
Hi guys, Has anyone recently been through the assessment process for Accelerated Command on Boeing and would care to share any differences in sim profile or tests whilst in Dubai? Thanks
Dubai dates/MS teams feedback B777 FO
Hello, Anyone here got Dubai assessment 22/23 July? MS TEAMS Feedback: Both HR and Pilot assessor create a welcoming atmosphere. They're obviously doing quite a few of these a day so they don't want to waste unnecessary time but will prod with q...