Fixed Wing Pilot - Williamsburg, KY

Company : Eagle Air Med

Contract type : Full Time

Aircraft type : Other - Turbo Prop Single Engine

Job location : KENTUCKY

Job published date : 2014-09-16

Job expiry date : 2014-09-30

Monthly salary :

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Job Description

Ensures flights are conducted safely and according to federal regulations. Determines scheduling and maintains flight records. Must be familiar with a variety of the field's concepts, practices, and procedures. Relies on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Performs a variety of tasks. A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected. Typically reports to Regional Aviation Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities

•The pilot should be able to transport Medical Staff and Patients across the state. Operating aircraft at a favorable altitude, considering turbulence, oxygen requirements and patient comfort.

•The pilot should have in depth knowledge of geography, topography, navigation, and weather conditions with a solid ability to describe and communicate location to the Comm Center.

•The pilot should have the ability to respond quickly in emergencies and make judgments concerning flight safety based on weather, flight plans, and other information.

•Should have in-depth knowledge of federal air regulations relative to pilots‘ privileges, restrictions, and obligations.

•The Pilot is ultimately responsible for the safety of his/her passengers and crew.

•The Pilot must be highly knowledgeable of the Operations Manual, Operations Specifications, appropriate FAR‘s, Flight Manuals, and any other instructions relatable to his/her duties.Ensures that all aircraft are properly equipped for applicable operations, to include current IAP charts, IFR low level enroute maps, VFR sectionals, VFR Terminal Charts and route charts.

•Disseminates information to all crewmembers pertaining to routes, airports, NOTAMS, NAVAIDS, company policies, and regulations.

•Prepares and maintains proficiency records, pilot files, flight schedules, duty time records, reports, and correspondence pertaining to flight operations activities.

•Submits all reports regarding flight personnel to the Regional Aviation Manager

•Keeps the aircraft copies of Operations Manual current.

•Insures that all flight crew personnel are certified and supervised according to the requirements specified in the Federal Aviation Regulations.

•Updates the weight and balance information.

•Manages base flight following program.

•Responsible for ensuring all base pilots read and comply with operations notices.

•Ensures a current collection of all valid operations notices are maintained and available to all base employees.

•Makes safety recommendations to the Chief Pilot and/or Safety Manager.

•Attend a monthly safety meeting

•Ensure a safe environment for self and others

•Report a known or perceived hazards or safety concerns to a member of management

•Comply with all regulatory requirements.




The position requirements are as follows: Part 135 EMS, 2000 hours of PIC, including 500 hour of turbine engine, 100 hours of night flight time and 100 hours of actual or simulated instrument time, at least 50 hours of which actual flight time, and minimum of 500 hours cross-country. ATP-MEL required. Previous Part 135 experience preferred but not required.

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