Open Pilot Application (Copenhagen/Oslo/Stockholm)

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Company : SAS

Contract type : Full Time

Aircraft type : Other - Turbojet / Turbo Fan

Job location : Europe

Job published date : 2015-06-16

Job expiry date : 2015-12-31

Monthly salary :

Job Description

As a pilot in SAS you will normally start your career as first officer on one of our short haul aircraft. Our diverse route net gives excellent opportunities to fly to airports throughout Europe from Norway in the north to Africa in the south. 


Most aircraft types fly network traffic combined with seasonal charter. Charter flights are considered a welcome relief for the hectic daily multi-leg operation. The bidding system gives possibilities to apply for different positions being either aircraft type or transfer to our long haul aircraft, all based on availability and seniority. 


Promotion to Captain is always done on short haul and is preceded by a Captain Candidate Course. As captain you are not only responsible for the assigned aircraft, crew and passengers but are the Team Leader for the entire departure process supported by innovative new technology developed by SAS. Should you feel for additional career challenges there are several opportunities in SAS (based on availability). 


SAS has pilots in many operational, administrative and training positions. Training in SAS In SAS we believe that training is a very important part of our operations. We continuously strive to improve our training methods in order to ensure the best possible training within the company. A team oriented approach is fundamental and governs all training of flight and cabin crew.

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